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PAWR Program Selects Two Finalists for Fourth Wireless Testbed Focused on Rural Broadband

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ARA, a Wireless Living Lab for Smart and Connected Rural Communities and NEXTT, the Nebraska Experimental Testbed of Things, were selected as finalist teams by the Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research program.

ARA and NEXTT will each get $300,000 in funding to help them develop a platform design for various broadband delivery technologies for research and experimentation.

Both ARA and NEXTT will focus on the use of wireless technologies and supporting a range of configurations for last-mile and backhaul network architectures. The goal is to create technologies that will expand affordable broadband service.

The final PAWR platform will join three earlier testbeds including POWDER in Salt Lake City that focuses on software-defined networking and massive MIMO research, COSMOS in the West Harlem neighborhood of NY City that focuses on programmable networks and innovation in optical backhaul, and AERPAW in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina that targets wireless communications for unmanned aerial systems.

The PAWR Project is a $100 million public-private partnership. You can read more about the PAWR program from