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If Avery could have her cake, or rather, Marina's birthday cake, and eat it, too, she would've. She plays with her pussy like a good girl without pouting or sighing over having gifted her selection for the night. Being a voyeur can be extremely exciting and she is cool sitting in the passenger seat, fingering herself into a blissful state.

Katherine, ever the giver, extends an offer anyway, “Avery, would you like a taste before I let loose on this pretty thing?”

“No, no, Katherine, thanks for the offer, but she's all yours. Do spread her legs a bit more so I can get a better look.”

Avery's selflessness isn't bought by Katherine, saying, “Come on, take a lick or two. You can't go all night without an JB escort pussy on your tongue.

“Will you stop placing demands on me? I'm enjoying myself. Let's see what you got, lady. Show me how hard and fast you can make Kristin come.”

“She isn't a hard and fast girl. In my eyes, she's a slow savor one.” Katherine pulls Kristin's panties aside to lap at her sweetness. “Oh my god, Avery, she is so delicious.”

Avery refreshes her flute, “Eating out is so divine in Malaysia.”

Kristin makes several attempts at commenting but the pleasure factor is too elevated. “Your mouth is so...” is about all she can say. Katherine bites Kristin's inner thighs, making her squeal, before plunging her tongue deep inside Kristin's precious pinkness. Circling the top of her clit, she flickers across it with a quickening pace, slowing down and driving it up enough to make Kristin lose her mind. “Just do it! You're teasing me too much!” she begs, whole body jerking with wild sensations.

Avery's clit is plumping up to the point of explosion, too, rubbing the right spot in time with the pants and moans of Kristin. Although Avery and Katherine have never made love with each other, Avery has the sudden urge to take her best friend from behind, burying her face between her ass cheeks for a naughty taste of her puckering second hole. Hand rubbing her whole pussy now, covered with silky juices, she spanks Katherine's ass repeatedly, just about ready to pounce on her backside, but the orgasm catches her. Legs shaking, Avery falls onto her back, still keeping Kristin's about to explode pussy in view. Bringing Kristin to orgasm has made Katherine's own cunt a dripping honey pot, seeping fluids down her thighs. Avery rubs her foot up Katherine's legs, collecting the juices like perfumed lotion.

“Come on, baby, cum on me, put your cum on my face, right here in my mouth.” Katherine stays steady on Kristin's clit, holding her hips tight as her body naturally buckles, pounding waves of ecstasy flooding her entire being.

“Oh my fucking--” is heard from Avery, and then screaming, a totally unexpected reaction, especially without the touch of another.

Kristin's orgasm soars, doubling, peaking on the third. She pushes Katherine's face away from her overly sensitive pussy in order to not hyperventilate. “Give me a second,” she pleads.

“Catch your breath, baby. It's my turn. You need to see what you did to me.” With that, Katherine mounts Kristin's face and rides her chin and tongue with ferocious need. “Look at me, baby,” Katherine swoons as Kristin flashes her big blues. This girl is all about showing her appreciation for the incredible experience she just had. Wanting to make her teacher proud, Kristin gives back Katherine's generosity, lapping at her creaminess, chin massaging into her ass.

“Holy shit, girl, suck that pussy,” Katherine instructs.

Avery moves behind Katherine, wrapping her arms around her gorgeous friend, taking her nipples between pinching fingers, knowing this is what she likes and needs. Pinch, pinch, pinch. Each time making Katherine's back arch harder onto Avery's chest. “Let it go, girl, let her take you.”

The warning cry bellows from Katherine, and then silence, unable to make a sound, feeling the full body rush of a scorching, lusty release.

“Good girl,” Avery whispers in Katherine's ear. “Hold on, keep riding it.” When she finally exhales, the question is posed, “Can you do it again?”

“Oh my god, no,” Katherine admits defeat, collapsing half on Avery and half on Kristin. “One was more than enough. She's not only delicious but she can suck the pulp out of a box.”

“Wow, I feel so loved.” Kristin gets a chance to sit up and stretch her body, licking the wetness from her chin. “May I have some champagne?”

“I thought you ladies weren't allowed to drink while at work?” Avery raises an eyebrow at her. “But here, you can have a sip of mine.” Lifting the glass to Kristin's pussy covered mouth, she lets her sip before taking her drink back.

Dusty gives a polite knock on the door before entering, “Kristin, it's time. Say goodnight.”

“Thank you, ladies.” Kristin gives Katherine and Avery kisses on the cheek before leaving.

“It was our pleasure completely, honey. We'll have you again, for sure.” Katherine bids farewell to her treat, fully satisfied.

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